maandag 5 april 2010

Woman found dead in Wassenaar Mansion

Jan and Reineke de Lange in happier times
jan de lange-reineke de lange
Reineke de Lange (37) (photo) was found dead in her home, Villa Nijenorst, Koekoekslaan 3 in Wassenaar, The Netherlands. She was stabbed to death. 
At half past 1 her husband, self-made millionaire Jonkheer Jan H. de Lange (49) alarmed rescue services saying ‘something terrible had happened in the Villa. Jan de Lange was arrested.

Update: Reineke is the 2nd wife of Jonkheer de Lange, who just came out of a bitter divorce.
De Lange had an argument with his ex-partner regarding the alimony settlement. De Lange argued that he had to overdraw on Ltd (Pink & Nelson) in order to pay the alimony. An attempt to have his company act as an interested party in the alimony provisions was recently rejected by the Supreme Court.
Unless De Lange has confessed, is not at all certain that he has killed his wife: he has only called the police saying "something bad had happened."
On April 6, the Turk A. A. was aquitted for the second time (appeal) acquitted of murdering his wife Cevriye, for lack of evidence: His story: "I had been out cycling and when I came back my wife was dead."  Stabbed with a bread knife, nine times,  in the back. Court and Appelate Court: “yes, that is not impossible.”

If the Jonkheer keeps his mouth shut and gets himself a good lawyer, chances are he will walk. “All of his neighbors do confirm that he was happy with his new wife. What reason could he have had to kill her your honor?”
Jan de Lange however, seemed very happy with his new –only six month old- marriage.
De Lange is  one of the sponsors behind the website '’, founded by Maurice de Hond pleading the ‘Deventer murder case’. 
De Lange also was the man who provided the 120,000 euros in damages for libel that Maurice de Hond had to pay to the “handyman”.

De Lange also funded several other projects that were critical towards the Justice department. Previously he had stated that the lawyers in his divorce case were ‘a bunch of feminist lesbians’
*Jonkheer is not a peerage title, but a ‘predicate’ used by titleless peers. One exception is the Orange Nassau family: Contrary to the rules of nobility, ‘Jonkheer’ is carried as a title (by the children of Jonkheer (‘Junker’) Claus von Amsberg). But then again: The House of Orange determines the rules of nobility in the Netherlands

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