zaterdag 15 mei 2010

“Dutchman” cited for killing Polish man in London

Marcin Bilaszewski (r)
Cameroon born homeless “Dutchman” Alphonse K. (33), is cited for the murder of the Pole Marcin Bilaszewski (19) in Londen. Marcin Bilaszewski was stabbed to death on Saturday evening, May 8, 2010 in the vicinity of metrostation Finsbury Park in London. 

Marcin Bilaszewski was on bus 245, going into town with about 25 friends to celebrate the birthday of his girlfriend  Anna Betlinska (20). As the group –who by then had arrived at the metrostation- was pestered by Alphanse K, Betlinska asked him to stop. Alphonse K. –who is described by the British press as 'a drug crazed foreigner'- then attacked Betlinska. When Marcin Bilaszewski tried to defend his girlfriend Alphonse K. pulled a knife and stabbed Bilaszewski.

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