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Albayrak does not want to extradite Joma Sison

According to under minister Albayrak, the Netherlands wil not extradite Filipino communistenleader José Maria Sison for now.

She writes that as a reply to questions of the PVV, who wants to have Sison removed from the Netherlands ASAP.

Albayrak  agrees with Geert Wilders’ fraction that the Netherlands can be no free heaven for terrorists and criminals and that Sison should answer to a judge in the Philippines for the anguish he supposedly caused there. However she also says that she has to respect Human Rights and International treaties, such as the European Treaty of Human Rights.

Op grounds of article 3 of the Treaty it is not possible to extradite Sison because the article states that no one may be subject to torture or inhumane or humiliating treatment or punishment. The fact that the death penalty is abolished in the Philippines does not make any difference according to Albayrak.

Romulo Kintanar, murdered
romulo kintanar
The Public Prosecutors Office stopped prosecuting Sison earlier this year for his supposed role in 3 murders in the Philippines because of lack of evidence. The founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and her armed branch the New People's Army (NPA) (Tagalog: Bagong Hukbong Bayan) was arrested end of August 2007 in his residence Utrecht. Sison was suspected of ordering the murders of two political opponents Romulo Kintanar (2003) en Arturo Tabara (2004), committed in the Philippines. During the murder in 2004 also Tabara's son in law, Stephen Ong was killed.

Eventhough the Netherlands cannot extradite Sison (according to Albayrak), he is obliged to leave the country. However, Albayrak doubts this is possible because the chance that another country will just send the man back to the Netherlands. (Or preferably to the Philippines of course)

This in itself is odd because if Sison indeed cannot be extradited to the Philippines (something I question) then there still is an extremely suitable country to offer refuge to JoMa Sison: North Korea.


Long live Comrade Kim Jong Il!
Long live the Korean people!
Long live international solidarity!
Luis G. Jalandoni

Long live Comrade Kim Jong Il!
Long live the Korean People!
Long live the solidarity between the Filipino people and Korean people!
Coni Ledesma
From the link: Greetings To Comrade Kim Jong Il on his Birthday it is clear that the North Korean ruler is admired highly by the CPP and NDFP (National Democratic Front of the Philippines) for ‘what he has meant to North Korea'.

And who do we find on this list of ‘dignitaries’who fall over themselves in gratulating Kim Il Young with his Birthday? The JoMa Sison croonies Louis Jalandoni en his wife Coni Ledesma. Fellow founders of the  CPP and founders of the (forbidden) NDFP. Ledesma is also an avid 'spokeswoman' for Sison.

With such cordial ties between the  CPP/NDFP surely there must be some place for Sison in Noord Korea?

One cannot help but wonder why Sison (and also Ledesma and Jalandoni) are seeking refuge in the Netherlands rathet than in the so admired North Korea.


Coni-ledesmaConi Ledesma (aka Sister Stella L.) (photo) 
Makibaka International Spokesperson
Utrecht, the Netherlands
Makibaka is the “Filipino Revolutionary Woman’s Association”
Ledesma however is also active in the leadership of the NDFP

Luis G. Jalandoni
Chief International Representative
National Democratic Front of the Philippines
(Het NDFP founded in 1973, forbidden in the Philippines, Headquarters in the Netherlands)

Ledesma writes for instance: 

MAKIBAKA, a revolutionary organization of Filipino women and an allied organization in the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP), extends warmest birthday greetings to Comrade Kim Jong Il, General Secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and Chairman of the National Defense Commission of the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea.

From his early years, Comrade Kim Jong Il has been involved in revolutionary work to build and strengthen the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. He took over the reins of government after the death of his father, Kim Il Sung. Under his leadership, the Korean people have continued to build Korea as a strong nation, uphold and defend its independence and sovereignty, overcome natural disasters and persevere in building socialism.
He has earned the love and respect of the Korean people because of his continued efforts to safeguard the gains of the revolution and build a better world for them. His untiring efforts at working for the peaceful reunification of Korea answer the long cherished dream of the Korean people.

The Korean women appreciate the achievements of their nation under the leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Il.
We wish Comrade Kim Jong Il many more fruitful years of service to the people.

Long live Comrade Kim Jong Il!
Long live the Korean People!
Long live the solidarity between the Filipino people and Korean people!

Well, if that is not crazy then what is. Ther emight be a lot wrong in the philippines but it is endlessly better than in the CPP/NDFP admired socialist paradise North Korea.

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